Why choose Cirrus?

Managing complaints well improves customer satisfaction and helps your business develop.

Cirrus is designed to make customer complaints handling simple. Staff can quickly log on and record complaints wherever there’s an internet connection. And it’s really easy to use, which means less training.


Key features


Clipboard Amazing in-built reporting

  • Helps you spot the most common customer complaints
  • Build your own reports that focus on the information you need
Laptop displaying Cirrus report

Mobile devices Works anywhere

  • Just log on - no need to install any software
  • Works on computers, smartphones and tablets

Padlock It's secure

  • We back up your data daily, so no disasters
  • Meets all data protection requirements

Drives service improvements

  • Prompts users to log lessons learned before closing a complaint
  • This information can be extracted and used in your business improvement strategy

Manage Cirrus yourself

  • Design your own complaints categories
  • Create manager groups to organise your complaints
  • Appoint 'super users' with full access to monitor, update, override and manage Cirrus
  • Add progress updates
  • Assign complaints to different team members
Updates, super users, team work

  Cirrus has increased the volume of complaints recorded. In the entire of 2012 we processed 33 official complaints. In the first six months of 2013 we processed 188. This massive improvement is testament to the efficiency of the Cirrus software and has allowed us to make genuine service improvements.

Kathy Crombie, Business Support Manager for Bield Housing and Care